House Hunting and Moving In


Lazarus looked over each floorplan carefully, evergreen eyes studying each one intently. He paused upon the last one, letting a hand rest upon it.

“I like this one.”

Clint nodded and pointed at it, nodding at the Realtor. She smiled and handed them an address. “Come on babe, let’s go check this place out.” He said, taking Laz’s hand and leading him to an apartment close to the bar.

M!A | Open


Okay, maybe not that much of a prick but still a prick… When the coffee was offered, he was confused, the people he lived with barely gave him a second glance and a stranger just offered him his drink. He was in too much pain to reject the offer and mumbled a small “thanks" under his breath.


It was unfortunate that he decided to take a sip just as he was being told of his location. Choking on the coffee, he covered his mouth with the back of his hand, “you’re being serious… What so you’re just a traveller?— Ah, alright, I don’t understand how I got here, at least I’m still in Europe. Well, I’m not getting home for dinner." He covered up the little surge of panic he felt. Shit, how the hell did he get from England to Germany?

Damn this kid was a fucking brat. Probably thought the entire world revolved around his giant head. He hated kids like that. Actually he just really didn’t like kids all that much. Clint raised his eyebrow at the expulsion of (really fucking good) coffee from the kid’s mouth as he choked.

Clint tilted his head slightly. “You aren’t here with the fucking shit ton of British school children?” he asked with a frown. Those loud annoying kids had been annoying him the past day. They were here to see the string instruments that this town was famous for. “You can fucking catch a bus or something.” He frowned. “Or I can fucking drive you back to England it’s not that fucking far.” He was surprised at how Europe was in comparison to the United States. “I don’t have anything to do right now.”

The First Companion


"It’s called Helios. Normally it’s only inhabited by various avian species but, lately, I’ve been seeing some other plotlines crop up in the area. Bad ones, like really bad. Creatures of pure Darkness have taken up residence here, and that’s bad because they aren’t supposed to exist anymore and they can cause very serious damage to Reality on a basic level."

She met his eyes a moment, assuring him that she was serious and that Darkness forms were really bad news. Then, following her explanation, Bex looked around them in the grass, making sure that nothing was there to hear her. The coast looked clear for the moment, but she could tell the creatures were nearby. How could she not, given they were her polar opposite?

It was as if she could feel them in the air, hear them in the wind. And she knew they could feel her there too. “We need to move soon…” she whispered, mostly to herself.

Darkness. Darkness forms? The fuck was up with that? Clint frowned, getting on his knees with her, crouching low and looking around, utilizing the training he had gotten in the military. 

There was silence. Pure silence. Just the rustle of wind through the tall grass. He nodded at her assessment, taking her hand in his and then counting to ten. It was still silence. Then, suddenly, there was a sound, a rustling that wasn’t exactly from the wind, but he couldn’t tell how big the creature was”Up.” He commanded, tugging her to the feet. “Walk.” He took her in a direction that seemed safe according to his instincts, which were more often than not, away from the sound in a diagonal. 

Again he heard the sound, and he urged her faster. “These things, what the fuck are they?” he asked, holding to her hand and keeping their pace at a jog. He wasn’t afraid, not yet, but he knew there was danger, so there was worry.

Open ~ New Followers


"Same, well not jet lagged just tired. I moved a few hours ago then I had to get up for this job interview." Rebecca explained, “I probably missed it though; I’m a bit late." She was more than thirty minutes late and Rebecca doubted even if she showed up right on time, She would get the job. “It’s fine, really. Not the exact dream job i wanted. You know? I can be an assistant anywhere. " 

"Oh shit, sorry I made you miss it kid." Clint apologized. He frowned at her, looking at her, if it was a job she didn’t want why the fuck was she going to go apply and interview for it, then again…"Jobs are fucking hard to come by, kid. Unless you’re fucking willing to take the shit ones." He reminded her. "But shit if you missed it I guess you fucking missed it."

A Soldier in Middle Earth


He was caring for his horse? Eowyn was impressed; many people left the work of cleaning and feeding their horses to stable hands, but this man took it upon himself. She smiled.

"Who is this?"  The shieldmaiden turned to greet her brother with a hug.

"This is Clint," she said, and turned to gesture to the captain. “He is lost, and his home is far from here. I do not know where it is, nor how to get him there. He has been kind. I promised that we would send word to Gandalf for help."

Clint raised a hand in greeting to the brother of his heroine, nodding to show he was a decent fellow. He didn’t say anything, patting his horse’s neck in a small fit of nervousness.

After a few moments of silence he frowned. “What’s your name?” He asked,  stepping a bit closer to the lord and lady.

Hotel Hunting


"You are having the most kind sort of hearts my friend." He grinned, unable to look at him and instead looking at the table. The word felt nice within itself. Friend. He missed having friends. He wondered what would happen after today. Clint would want to go on his way naturally, and being another traveler, sadly someone he might not run into. Such a shame. He was very good company. Very patient. 


"One day you might be needing help. That day, you shall be calling me. Have you got the notion remembered? I would like to be helping if you are ever to be needing it."

Clint flushed at the compliment. He could accept Click as his friend. In fact he was kind of all for that. He didn’t need many friends in his life, but hell it was nice to have them. He smiled slightly, also looking down at the wooden tabletop, counting all the scratches. “Thanks man, I just fucking…you know…do what’s right and shit.”

His shrug was awkward and over exaggerated, but hey. He felt awkward but also a little warm and fuzzy inside. “Hey we should fucking…keep in contact and shit.” He said, fishing out his phone and sliding it across the table so that even if Click doesn’t catch it it will stop at the edge of the table. “Put your number in there man and I’ll text you or call you or some shit.”

Anonymous asked:"If someone owed you a sexual favor, who would you want it to be and what would you make them do?"

"I don’t know who I would want it to fucking be but I know exactly what I would want them to do.” He paused for a very long time to then finish the answer, “I want to fuck them in the most public fucking place I can.” 

lazarusholmes asked:"-promptly performs a strip tease-"

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